10 Best Smartphones You Could Have This Christmas

Christmas is coming fast and I know we all want something new. It could be money,  a car,  a new camera or a brand new smartphone. We all want the latest smartphones available. And we are hoping that someone would give us one. It’s Christmastime anyway. It’s a time for giving… and receiving.

Smartphones are evolving so do our wants. Well, it’s bright to know that the industry has kept on evolving to cope up with our wants and standards. Thus, manufacturers have been creating various smartphones lately.

Since there are various of smartphones available including various brands, we may have difficulty in choosing which brand and model is right for giving, especially for our loved ones. It can be a bit  confusing, providing us a hard time decide on what to get.

Let me share to you the 10 smartphones you could have this Christmas. I have rated this in a list based on what I believe are the latest, based on consumer reviews and expectations.

#1 iPhone 7/iPhone 7Plus

Iphone 7/7plus

The newest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus may be the most gorgeous smartphone around. It might be too awkward to hold a big phone though to those who are not yet used to having a smartphone and tablet. Yes. This newest iPhone is a phablet and I bet you can’t resist that 5.5 inch beauty display.

If you have an iPhone and want to upgrade to a newer smart phone, this should definitely be your first choice. On top of it this is the first iPhone that is water resistant.

#2 Samsung Galaxy S7/Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are so far the best android phones. No one ever built a phone with a curve edges on it like Samsung does to its phones right now.

If you want to experience. Nougat, the newest Android version, then you should consider getting any of these models.

#3 Google Pixel/ Google Pixel XL


Google’s first smartphone brand has so far been able to get nods from critics. And yeah, its reaching its way to the top, making it the new heavy contender to Apple’s iPhone.

Google Pixel is like an iPhone in an android version. We can’t even tell you how close enough the Google Pixel is for getting that distinction as the best smart phone in the world. I also wonder if this smart phone is already available here in the Philippines.

#4 iPhone SE


This is the smallest living iPhone in the market right now. All small iPhones like iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone4 etc. have been phased out since the bigger iPhones have been produced. Overall, the iPhone SE is a great back up phone for you.

#5 LG G5


This phone was made for the techy guys. This was produced to aim to those who wants to feel being in extreme feeling of a game. This phone has a modular design of letting you add attachments such as a camera grip or high-res audio. It’s also the only flagship smartphone in 2016 from LG which lets you to swap a used battery with a fully-charged one without removing the back case.

#6 Huawei P9


The P9 is its most important phone for 2016, carrying flagship status of Huawei as its best smartphone model ever and offering an innovative dual rear camera setup. This phone may have some issue about its advertisement but a smartphone partnering a top-of-a-line camera brand named Leica is a real deal.

#7 OnePlus 3


The OnePlus 3 is the first OnePlus phones to truly feel mature from its previous generations. It is designed as high-quality yet affordable, which is good promise considering it has received rave reviews from techies and smartphone geeks.

“Gone are the experimental sandstone finishes, gone is the extremely annoying invitation system and coming to replace them is a phone that feels well-built and very solid.”

Another impressive quality of this phone is that it is shipped with 64GB RAM. But with no SD card slot, which is a bit of a downside. However, consider the memory storage size, you have bigger limitations in storing photos and videos.

#8 Honor 8


Huawei’s Honor 8 smartphone was launched in October 2016. The phone comes with a 5.20-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.

Honor 8 is a dual SIM smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and powered by 1.8GHz octa-core Kirin 950 processor and it comes with 4GB of RAM.

#9 Xiaomi MI 5


I know Xiaomi is a phone made in China. We all have this one thought that is a gadget is made in China most definitely it’s a bad phone, but not all. If you consider Huawei and OnePlus, having their recent flagship smartphone gained positive reviews and these brands are from China, then there’s no way for you to discriminate this brand.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the best phone from one of the fastest growing phone companies in the world – Chinese Xiaomi. It’s the most affordable phone that has the powerful Snapdragon 820 system chip. It features an original and very good-looking design, and the feature-rich MIUI custom skin on top of Android 6.

You can get a good deal of this unit if you stumble upon it on Lazada.

#10 Meizu Pro 6


Some of you have have never heard this kind of phone. Meizu, a company with a relatively long history, is the one that has made one of the most appealing Chinese phones of the year: the Meizu Pro 5 Meizu M2 Note, and etc. Meizu phones runs with a different operating system called Flyme. This phone is equipped with a 5.7-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 and it’s powered by the Exynos 7 Octa system chip, the same powerful SoC used in the Galaxy S6.

What smartphone to decide and buy?

Many of the Chinese smartphone brands are upping their features to make their smartphones attractive to increasingly savvy and digitally-knowledgeable market.

American smartphone brands such as Apple and Google are really making headlines this year with their new models. Deciding between them as to which is really the titan in the tech industry is like making a choice between Lady Gaga and Madonna.

Meanwhile, Samsung and LG are still making waves but they also earned less favorable reviews compared to the new Chinese-branded smartphones.

Now, how about Philippine smartphone brands?

We think that Cherry Mobile’s Flare Infinity would be a good high-end smartphone gift this Christmastime. It has an edge-to-edge display similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 and it runs in Marshmallow Android OS.

Moms and dads this is your chance to reward you son or your daughter for being good at school. Girl you might want to ask a new phone from your rich boyfriend. And you might want to reward yourself for being productive this year.


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