6 Possible Consequences Arising from HB4093 a.k.a Mandatory Website and Social Media Registration

The signing of House Bill 4093 authored by Rep. Arnolfo Teves of Negros Oriental 3rd District and its enactment into law once certain requirements are met have been met with lukewarm reception from the netizens, at least for now. Many things still have to be learned from this new statute that concerns the social media users.

However, the supposed purpose of the bill is to make social media accounts known and that the users shall be responsible in making contemplative posting. But considering many social media users are jokesters, the bill may somewhat help in determining who are the real ones and the troll ones.

To know more about this new bill 4093 that requires all social media users in the Philippines to use their government issued ideas for account verification, we would like to share the documents for your reference. We have to thank the Congress of the Philippines for sharing the documents online for public consumption, of course.


And another copy:


Considering the possible enactment of the bill, many possible events are now in our minds and we can’t help but list just a few of them using the lucky 7.

  1. Facebook trolls are minimized. But we still have the foreign trolls to check.hb1
  2. Facebook of 7-year-old kid will need parental consent before creating one. Or totally, there will be no kids below 18 unless they have the barangay clearance presented. But that is going to be impossible, anyway.
  3. Cyber bullying can be policed, at least by the netizens themselves.hb3
  4. People would know if the account is really from a celebrity, a wannabe or from a wallflower who have sociopathic tendencies.hb2
  5. Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media sites will have to integrate another set of codes or change a bit of their registration system for their Filipino users. At least, another box to put in for the required ID.hb4
  6. And we have a few groups of people who will continue monitoring your accounts for lifestyle checking (and yep, mind control), especially now that they know the way they can access you. Yep, creepy.hb5

What do you think about this new house bill 4093?

Is this bill the ultimate solution to curb or minimize cyber-bullying?

Or do you think your that privacy is now compromised?

Sound off your comments below. 


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