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We are a new Plus, an addition to a growing bunch of online magazine sites that feature trending news in social media, in pop culture, lifestyle and business. But we also pride ourselves as an alternative media site that will feature stories that may not be picked up by mainstream media because of fear of being branded as strange and weird. And yes, we like to feature here pride stories and accounts of enigmatic but real experiences because we want to be different and we want to do it our way, taking into mind that Plus Vines would soon be an embodiment of a storybook about love, experiences, joy, trends and heroes. Well, sort of.

We embrace humanity and we do it by sharing fun and relevant content with positive vibes. We love to feature stories about love, trends and something that would give anyone the positive vibrations they deserve.

We are bias about Cebu, because that’s where we are. But we are bold enough to share about the universe.

A dose of positive vibes won’t give anyone the negative overdosage effects. And so we believe that by imparting something good is what we can contribute for Social Good.

PlusVines delivers the trending topics in pop, culture, lifestyle and business from Cebu, the Philippines and beyond.

We believe that by posting the "right kind of stuff", we can make positive impact on people's lives.

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