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Another Plus Year, 2017!

Plus Vines 2017

Another year just passed. Right now, we are welcoming a year with more aspirations, more things to cover and more topics to share.

Aren’t we all glad?

It’s about positivity. And with it, life can be so grand.

And though we are still caught up with other mundane things in life. Perhaps, one of them would be reading posts that you can’t really commit to share because it’s crappy, it’s something that you don’t even want others to read. That’s the thing that we consider before we start with the year.

And though we have encountered in delaying in posting because we want to prolong our holiday mood, we feel the sense of guilt that would poke us to do what should be done, to implement the responsibility as tasked not by command, but initial commitment and desire.

We may be blabbing things here and there, but we find ways to bring a cheer or two through our posts. Oh by the way, we are not a bank of some sort as apparently you figure out. We are just neophytes in this plane of social media and blogging with a desire to succeed and to twist fate according to our will. Because we believe that we can be masters of our own destiny.

In the spirit of newness of the year, we want to share with you what to expect from Plus Vines in the coming days, weeks and months.

1.More Feel Good Posts

We want to share with you the less mundane and more ‘cheer-up’ posts. We wish to help in increasing the vibration of this planet amidst negativities and chaos arising in the politics and social media.

Plus Vines Feel Good

2. More Mystical Posts

Plus Vines Mystical

Through our resident Mystic Blogger, we will bring topics that are mind-boggling, thought-provoking and attention-grabbing. There may be subjects that out of this world, but they could be the truths that most want concealed for fear that people would find their way to cosmic awakening and liberation.

3. More Events to Cover

Plus Vines Events

We are not socialites but we are team thankful for event organizers who find time to send us invitations. And we wish to cover them as a form of gratitude. We can blab about them if we like the event, the product or the organizers.

4. Take the LGBT Pride to a New Level

Plus Vines LGBT News

This is something we seriously ponder. We believe in diversity and the acceptance of sexuality. We also believe that humanity can have that utmost peace if we all understand in the spirit of goodwill and not because of difference in religion or beliefs but because we wish to attain the peace that we want to have on this planet.

By accepting people of all races, genders and sexual orientations, we can be better stewards of this planet.

5. More Motivations to Post

Plus Vines Motivation

We have to be honest. We have this calendar of content that needed to be done. But we sometimes lack the motivation to write.

And so, for that to be resolved, we wish to put in more ads for us to be sustainable.

Yes, sustainability in making this site up and sharing things worthwhile is one of the factors that we want swoosh like magic or ignite like a candle so we can have daily posting.

Promise, we wish to have daily posts on this web magazine we call Plus Vines.


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