Biringan City: a Breakaway Civilization in the Philippines

Stories about Biringan City as posted on various sites bring to mind a notion that it’s something negative and should be feared despite some accounts describing it as a place with grand settings more impressive than the illustrious cities we have known. What we can read about this mysterious place is taken from an urban legend with little information of what it really is.

The place dubbed as mystical has been increasingly etching its way in the Philippine folklore and library of mysteries. In short, it is becoming a part of Filipino culture, attracting people who are magnetized to its mystery and the unexplained apparitions and manifestations.

But what is Biringan City?

Is it really a city of enchanted people or a place of other dimensions?

First off, I would like to mark this as my first post in Plus Vines. As a student of mystery school and practitioner of mysticism, I may have posts here that would be construed as out of this world. But really, there are things in the universe that can’t be explained by most people because it would require open-mindedness and expansion of consciousness to accept the facts of life and the mysteries abound in the universe.

Mysticism deals with the science of the universe and that includes mathematics and esoteric science. Also, mystics are encouraged to deal with arts aside from alchemy, theurgy and astrology. I don’t want to dig deeper into these things because this is not the purpose of this post. My purpose here is to shed some light and perhaps, to debunk some notions and beliefs borne out of fear.

Starting with the topic of Biringan City, I would like to share some thoughts about this place and deliver information beyond conspiracy (as much as I could) based on accounts around the web and stories that are seemingly related to this place. And just a forewarning, I may have to integrate philosophy and intuition in the delivery to somehow help people understand that this place is not something to be afraid of. Unless it is proven that this city, deemed as etheric, holds a civilization of malevolent kind, I would regard this as something positive.

Let me start the story by sharing to you my theories about this city.

First, Biringan City may be an etheric city of 4th or 5th dimension.

But I believe it is in the 5th dimension if its civilization has graduated to a level where love is utmost and its people have managed to attain a standard of living beyond what we see in New York or on the surface cities on Earth that display majestic grandeur of real estate development.

A 5th dimensional city or place can’t be seen by the 3rd dimensional Earth we’re living in. But they have the technology to cloak or merge if the Earth’s civilization has managed to graduate to 4th to 5th dimension. But for now, they probably use a technology that can make themselves visible to people that they want to witness or would like to invite into their culture. It is likely that they have cloaking technology or a tech so advanced to prevent overlapping with the terrain of the 3rd dimensional Earth. And another amazing thing to know is that they possibly have portal technologies that can take them to different dimensions.

Based on recorded accounts online, this city lies between Calbayog City and Catarman in the island of Samar. People who have shared their accounts regard this as hidden because it can’t be seen on the map.  However, few who somehow managed to witness its grandeur described it as a city with beautiful people, with landscaped gardens and majestic mansions and with skyscrapers higher than the skylines seen in the 3rd dimensional Earth.

Many blog sites that feature metaphysical stories are already sharing that Earth will soon graduate to 5th dimension if the people on the surface have passed its barbaric and war-like nature into one that is mostly about love and compassion. In the mystics community, this is what we have also anticipated– the merging of the etheric cities when Earth eventually evolves into a 5th dimensional stage as the solar system is moving closer to the Central Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Second, Biringan City can be regarded as Shamballah of the Philippines, only that it is not a floating city nor the benevolent city inside the Earth.

To give you a few information about Shamballah, this is another higher dimensional city on Earth, located above Tibet based on esoteric accounts. There is also another Shamballah inside the Earth. If you don’t have a clue about Inner Earth, then you should start your education here and here.

Shamballah is known to many as Shangri-La, a mystical place that many explorers want to venture but only a few have, perhaps, managed to experience based on recorded accounts. Notable personalities that allegedly went to Shamballah or Shangri-la include the theosophist Nicolas Roerich.

Third, Biringan City may only invite people who are worthy to be part of their civilization.

If you ever watch the movie Tomorrowland starring George Clooney, you probably have an idea about the mystery of hidden cities and the reason why they remain cloaked.

Tomorrowland screengrab

There are lessons and messages in that movie that people should learn beyond the awesome effects and the possibly out-of-this-world and seemingly unreal setting despite it being closer to reality, only that it is of a different dimension.

If you observe closely the personalities that the android Athena invited as part of the plot in the movie, they were special people with higher intelligence, and hence, with higher consciousness. Near the last part of the movie, when the protagonists played by George Clooney and Britt Robertson became the de facto leaders of the hidden city, the androids only chose people who were into arts, science and were passionate in their crafts. These are the types of people who are deemed weird but who have the highest possibility to make great contributions to their revived civilization.  I find this situation akin to this story online:


If the story about Carolina is true, then she may have the role similar to Athena in Tomorrowland. But Carolina should be somehow commended for finding people whom the civilization think would bring great contributions to their city.

Fourth, etheric cities in the 5th dimension are populated by people with higher consciousness.

People who have managed to expand their consciousness have the ability to unlock their hidden gifts or powers. In other words, the people in etheric cites have the ability to shape-shift, to teleport, to communicate through telepathy and to move objects at will. In 5th dimensional Earth, that will soon occur.

I cannot fault the people who have considered Biringan City as land of the encantos because it is really enchanted in the consciousness of 3rd dimensional beings. With this notion, it elicits fear to the people who have thought that encantos can do malevolent things. But if they pass that fear and would wish to embrace to uplift their consciousness to that of the “supposed” encantos, then they can do so, if they wish to live in a place where it is mostly or entirely positive.

Going back to the movie Tomorrowland, the part near the climax where Hugh Laurie’s character explained the impending apocalypse on Earth should somehow be taken as an example of it being a possible reason why disasters happen on Earth. People’s collective consciousness is programmed towards apocalypse and war and so the chances of them forming are even greater. The existence of tachyon machines, which physicists and scientists still have arguments on their principles, uses and theories, can amplify the desire of the collective consciousness of the people on Earth. Well, in this part it would be something that would blow the minds out of ordinary people.

I know this principle would be less received and it would take careful analysis so I don’t want to bring more depths to it but I just would like to add something.


The Law of Manifestation is connected with the Law of Karma. Energy forms in thoughts and will then be absorbed by consciousness to undergo a process of manifestation. A person who uses concentrated efforts without doubts to materialize what he wants through creative visualizations, can attain his desires. In this law, it integrates the power of collective consciousness that would bring more collective energy to make visualizations or desire more possible. When two or more people think of similar possible occurrence, desire or situation that they want to realize, there is a better chance for that collective visualization to come into fruition. However, 1% of doubt tantamount to a sprinkle of negativity can take another course in energy flow leading to less success in attaining the desired goal.

Another take in this principle is that when people think of negative things and feel negativities especially fear, doubt and anger, then less favorable things can happen.  How can we relate it to Biringan City?

Since most people are so dubious yet are very curious, the story about Biringan City is now marred with an element of fear, something that should not be taken nor should be there. However, there are factors on why people fear Biringan City:

  1. Most people who are in control don’t want to elevate the consciousness of most population on 3rd dimensional Earth and so they taint the image of a model, place or situation so that people would think otherwise. They paint fear so people would stop exploring, for fear that they might get hurt. Exploring something out of fear is not a good thing because there is a probability of something negative to happen.
  2. Most people can’t take the high vibration of higher dimensional realm. Individuals who have achieved in elevating their vibration have more possibility to get into this realm. But those who have intense fear may not be able to handle the high frequency. There’s the likelihood of getting the chakras distorted which may somehow lead one to experience nervous breakdown and some untoward events such as entity or demonic possessions, dizziness or even death.
  3. Most people are afraid to come out from their comfort zone. In other words, they remain ignorant to situations which they don’t want to care because for fear that it may change their lifestyle.
  4. Because of some accounts shared online which are regarded as alleged and not true or even false unless proven otherwise, many people would always see Biringan City as a dark city from another dimension.

Fifth, Biringan City is a breakaway civilization.

It is a product of breakaway civilized people who have achieved isolation from most Earth population because of a certain collective purpose or they  had been forced because of certain circumstances such as disasters or dangers from sinister, war-mongering tribes or races.

Many of the recorded breakaway civilizations have very advanced technologies that they allegedly managed to invent spaceships and air crafts that are way highly developed than what are introduced in today’s technology.

Sightings of UFO’s and flying objects in Leyte and Samar areas could be attributed to the advancement of technologies of Biringan City. Or perhaps, there could be other breakaway cities in that area aside from Biringan. That requires more exploration.

The Hav-Musuvs, the Grecian breakaway civilization recorded to be found under the Panamint Range in the United States, are known to discover technologies that would make them possible to travel to other planets.

The Mayan civilization is also another breakaway civilization that one should research about. The Mayan high priests, after escaping the Spanish conquerors, managed to escape through a portal so they could live with positivity. Corey Goode of Cosmic Disclosure has things to say about the Mayans.

The Telosians in Mt. Shasta are also etheric beings and are regarded to possess highly-advanced technologies.

Many of the breakaway civilizations are positive but there are also negative such as the Nazis in Antarctica, who have suspected to have formed alliances with malevolent beings including reptilians.

How should we regard Biringan City?

Since the method to get in Biringan City could be through an invite-only, then there should be nothing to fear. However, if you ever get an invitation, please practice careful discernment or perhaps, make some consultations. Don’t ever think that there’s someone who wants to get you because he or she thinks you are beautiful or handsome. It is better to approach the invitation with positivity. Pray for protection if you must. Meditate so you can call your inner self to guide you. Call on God, the direct Source for protection.

Fear is negative and it is something that should be dispelled. Yet, it is also something to be recognized. You should be able to transform your phobia through positive thinking but you recognize it by overcoming something that brings you that fear.

I would like to share an excerpt of this article from Cobra of The Portal blog:

1. Acknowledge your fear and other suppressed emotions and transform them. There are many ways, approaches, healing modalities and techniques to transform emotions:
2. Educate yourself in basics of science, art and all other areas of human knowledge so that your mind can not be distracted with total nonsense many times appearing in alternative and mainstream media.
3. Meditate or find any other way to connect with your higher self.
There are many things to know about Biringan City that should be approached with careful discernment.  Instead of fearing it,  should you be more curious and instead would ask how this breakaway civilization has been able to manage  to elevate its people and culture and attained technologies that are more advanced?
You’d be lucky to be in the positive realm in a higher dimension. Many mystics are looking for portals to be in that realm so they can live peacefully, positively and live out their God essence.

We’re on the way to 5th dimensional stage with more people gaining 5th dimensional consciousness. Now, the question is: are you ready?

Let’s radiate more positive vibes!

Victory of the Light!


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