Discover Halo-Halo Central and Let Your Craving for Filipino Recipes be the Judge

Halo-halo brings the chilled sweetness to Filipinos’ discriminating tastes. It is a favorite snack with a balanced of sweetness from sugar and fruit ingredients including carbohydrates content, an ounce of protein from cooked beans and calcium from milk. Complete the snack with shaved ice to blend with the fruits and required ingredients and you have a bowl or tall glass of this famous dessert to help chill the system from the tropical heat.

I would think that eating halo-halo is enough to serve you with the recommended energy for a certain fraction of the day. Hence, it can be seemingly considered as a complete food, only that it is served as dessert.

After we delve with the few bits of this dessert, it would be another discussion to know about how it can be prepared or even bought from.

I once attempted to have my own halo-halo recipe served to a few of my friends. Of course, I needed to taste my creation. Lo and behold, I did another check in my bucket list with a realization that it was a painstaking effort to prepare that kind of dessert, especially if you had to please four of your close friends.

And so another light bulb of enlightenment has carefully illuminated me and that would be an epiphany that serving halo-halo couldn’t be a great business for me. I would let someone with a passion to make the meticulous and methodical preparation of the chilled dessert.

Luckily, I was beckoned to try this new dessert place with a proficiency to please those who crave for halo-halo. And yes, it was a fortunate event for me that my team at Plus Vines was able to try the specialties of Halo-halo Central.


Halo-halo Central: Cebu’s New Dessert Place serving Filipino comfort food


Halo-halo Central is another Filipino-owned SME serving Filipino comfort food including halo-halo as its specialty.

Though fairly new, the stall located at the 2nd floor of Talamban Times Square in Talamban, Cebu City has been attracting halo-halo cravers that include students and targeted patrons.

Before the Plus Vines team managed to taste our orders of specific halo-halo specialties in their menu, we were invited to taste precursors. Yes, they also offer the comfort food most Filipinos like such as the burger, batchoy, empanada and silog(sinangag and itlog) varieties.


Halo-halo Central special burger


Silog varieties


batchoy that can compete with other batchoys according to Kevin Durano

After eating the burger, I satisfied my sugary craving by trying its black forest.

How do I like it?

It was really good because three of my favorite things are in one halo-halo combo: brownies, milk and strawberry.

However, to my dismay, my smartphone went off so I failed to get a picture of it. Anyway, I still have ample time to visit the place again to order it and take a picture.

The good thing about the foodie experience is that we were treated very well by the staff and owner, Ms. Rebecca Eufan. That was a gracious thing to do and for me pay back the gratitude, I would say thank you Ms. Eufan and Halo-halo Central for the experience.

Halo-halo Central started as an attempt but still with passion.

Halo-halo Central is a product of passion.

The proprietor, Ms. Rebecca Eufan, already has passion for food and serving food to her patrons through her catering service. After retiring from being one of the key staff in the communications department of a big utility company in Cebu, Ms. Eufan has started venturing into food business. And since then, she has taken her passion seriously.

The Halo-halo Central started as a temporary offering during summer of this year when she got a space to prepare and serve different halo-halo specialties. Though it started as a test to check how the market in Talamban Cebu area would receive it, the halo-halo business became a hit, prompting her to make it big. And so she decided to rent a space in a new mall at Talamban, Cebu City.

Halo-halo Central has been operating for less than two months with a drive to make it a halo-halo brand that more and more Cebuanos and Filipinos would eventually embrace.

The Plus Vines team together with Halo-halo Central proprietor Ms. Eufan at the center and CebuFirst broker, Bhonie Alia, second from the left.

The Plus Vines team together with Halo-halo Central proprietor Ms. Eufan at the center and CebuFirst broker, Bhonie Alia, second from the left.

And though it would seem that we are promoting this new foodie establishment in town, we would be brazen enough to do it in the spirit of advocating great food in Cebu, particularly the SME’s.

That’s how we do it here in Plus Vines. We radiate #plusvibes to Halo-halo Central and to the businesses in Cebu that we believe many people, not just Cebuanos, would embrace.

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