DJ Rmain Conquered LIV Super Club

DJ Rmain

Fast-rising DJ from France, DJ Rmain conquered LIV Super Club on a Friday night.

Cebu’s best nightlife destination made way for the French DJ who turned the super club into  a colorful party filled with energetic throng of party-goers, wishing to dance and groove to the trap music incorporated in EDM style.

DJ Rmain

DJ Rmain is one of the dj’s whose style of presenting electronic dance music is integrated with trap, a subgenre of hiphop style music mainly heard in the southern part of the United States. But trap music is blended with electronic mechanism, providing fresh perspectives to the contemporary dance music genre of today.

If you haven’t heard of trap music, perhaps, you may want to hear Bruno Mar’s That’s what I Like. But if you really want to hear Trap EDM played on, then you probably wish to have gone at LIV Super Club last May 5 to check DJ Rmain.

This blogger has been fortunate to hear DJ Rmain’s music since his move to Cebu from France. His style may not be as mainstream as pop and funk EDM’s, but the sound waves of mixed hip hop and sometimes, funk and pop using the electronic synthesizers to amplify the magnitude or manipulate the mixes can get anyone to the groove. It may not be the full-on dancing on the floor, but the songs of trap can put one to raise the hips and shoulders from side to side while sipping martini or any cocktail while on a chair or just standing in a crowded bar.

But the experience at LIV was different because people were really dancing, grooving, jumping, jerking and I know some were twerking to the music. It was full-on fun.

In addition to the moment when DJ Rmain played for 2 hours at the dance floor was a pair of Daft-punk styled dancers lit with LED’s. It surely brought the crowd more alive on a Friday night, which was rare on LIV during that night. My friend told me that LIV would be super crowded on a Saturday night mostly but it was rare at that time when DJ Rmain played. Many people were there, either to see him after less than 24 hours of promoting the DJ online or just wanting to party regardless of who the DJ was.

But with the good looks of the fresh-faced DJ, who is only 19, perhaps, the attraction from the followers of the DJ in social media managed to bring the crowd to that number. The blogger didn’t manage to know the exact number but being there in that crowd, with too many people, I believe DJ Rmain managed to attract hundreds of partygoers. The DJ even told me that he also got messages through his Facebook page from people who took pictures with him on Snapchat.

The French DJ has just started conquering the club scenes in Cebu and in the Philippines. I could even say that his latest breakthrough to date is his stint in LIV Super Club, which is the arguably the no. 1 club in Cebu when it comes to the quality of party-goers. In fact, LIV is the most expensive dance super club in Cebu during weekends, commanding entrance fee of 200 to 300 pesos exclusive of drinks.  But even with the elusive and budget-conscious Cebuano crowd, the dance club still manages to attract patrons, including expatriates and people in the BPO sectors.

To book DJ Rmain, please send a message to his Facebook page and Instagram.


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