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New Year’s Resolutions: Are You For Real?

Tell me if I am wrong, but during Christmas Day, we begin to anticipate the New Year’s day.  We still believe that we are in the long holiday season and we celebrate two special holidays, if not more, during this period.

Christmas may be the most favorite holiday for many, but the coming of the New Year celebration also weighs in the same.  

You get to recall your moments during the recent year. You reminisce the happy moments that have made your year jolly. You also shift your mood when you remember the mistakes that made you mature and strong. These emotions may include heartaches that have made you lose yourself.

What matters most, despite the intensity of the emotions experienced during the year,  is that you have overcome all the challenges that the year had given.

The new year is coming and I bet you’re probably writing now on a new page of the list of resolutions for the coming year. On that note though, I may have a question about writing a New Year’s resolution: are you for real?

I hope it won’t offend you. I am quite sure almost everyone is listing his new list of resolutions every year. But are you sure that you can achieve your new resolution or would it be just another list?

New Years Resolution is a promise to do an act of self-improvement.

Questions have been asked every year.

Have you done your part in making the good change?

Did you achieve your current resolution or will you just repeat the resolution again?

Forget your New Years resolution if you can’t stand on what you want to achieve on your list, if what you want is deemed impossible to achieve.

Instead I’ll give you tips on how to achieve your New Year’s Resolution. There is still hope for you. I know that.

#1 Start All Over Again


 Starting over again doesn’t mean going back to zero. What I mean is forget the old one and create a life-changing one.

#2 Start Small


Every thing starts from small. It’s always fine and great to dream big. But those BIG DREAMS start from small beginnings.

Take it easy, not too slow and not too fast.

It’s there waiting. Count every small steps. You’ll never know, you just made many steps towards  your BIG DREAM.

#3 Focus On Self-Improvement

Every thing starts from you. If you won’t move nothing will move. If you won’t act they won’t act.

Every little thing is proportional to your actions. Improve yourself.

If you have improved then start developing more than last year. Level up!

Nothing is permanent in this world except change.

Change for the better. If you have done good this year then don’t stop become better next year. That’s Self-Improvement.

#4 Be Positive


Attract positive energy. Thinking positive makes you feel comfortable on your journey to your improvement. It is not easy to maintain being positive. Negativity is part of our lives, even if we don’t want it. It’s there so we suck it up. It will be there no matter what. It will always be a yin and a yang. It is up to you how you can maintain the positivity within you.


#5 Make it as your Goal


The New Year’s Resolution is just a list, not a goal. Your goal is it achieve something from it. Your goal is your resolution. Achieve what you can achieve.

People have been neglecting the true meaning of New Year’s Resolution. They’ve made that, they’ve create the list because they want to be part of the trend. It becomes a trend because they feel like they want to change but with no aim for self-improvement.


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