We Dare You to Visit These 11 Scariest Places in the Philippines

Superstitious beliefs. Ghosts. Aswangs. These are some of the factors that bring the scare, haunting us in our sleep at night during childhood and even up to now.

All Souls Day reminds us about our loved ones who past away. However, the month of November, specially on November 2, also reminds us how scary the world can be. 

I know you still have the Halloween hangover. Most of us already take October 31 as a time to party. It’s Halloween party baby, with beers and costume parties and drinking sessions at the beach. Because while I draft this story, I am in a beautiful island with my great friends, celebrating Halloween but also feeling the chill or anticipating things of any kind to give me the scare, giving me a reason to scream.

Now, we all have heard of different kinds of ghost stories, reminding us that our childhood would never be boring.  Monsters, witches and aswangs have been told in different versions and we also have visualizations of them in horror movies. But how about the places that would only attract a few who are bold enough to experience the fright, the chill and test the bravest of hearts against any frightening screams, chilling moments and even the apparitions of some sorts that would freeze anyone to unconsciousness?

There are places around the country, known for their mysterious and dusky history that can give anyone the goosebumps. I bet not even the strongest person would ever dare to try to conquer these places. But if there are, let me know because I would really want to join them. Kidding!

Have you ever experienced getting a hold of your self when you experienced the shifting of temperatures, inexplicable wails, and maybe a shadow of a white lady looking down at you?

Are you ready to face the challenge?

Here are the 11 scariest places in the Philippines, we believe that can give anyone the nightmare based on stories recorded online and in urban legends.

#1 Laperal White House, Baguio City



Constructed during 1920, the Laperal House was turned over to another heir after the death of the head of the Laperal Clan. Prior to the transfer of heirship, the house witnessed the gruesome events such as the brutal killings, rape, and violence. These negative occurrences could be enough to attract the temperamental malevolent entities and make this house as their home.

The house even served as a den for the Japanese forces during the war, another story that would give someone with the active imagination about sinister Japanese soldiers. The bloodcurdling screams and the dreadful stillness cemented the reputation of this house as one of the scariest in the country.

#2 Balete Drive, Quezon City


This famous two-lane street in Quezon City is believed to be the haunted by a white lady. It’s the topic of many Filipino movies and whether we like it… or not, this story is already part of the Filipino pop culture.

But despite the published stories giving the notorious pathway some light, the road continue to bring a sinister feeling as if someone will appear. Stories say that there was once a girl who died in a car accident in the area when she lost her way, which is why she has been trying to catch a ride and find her way home. Scary, isn’t it?

#3 Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City



Known to be infested with ghosts and a hub of supernatural activity, you must prepare yourself for a hair-raising encounter if you dare to visit this abandoned hotel.

Why this abandoned hotel never went through another stage of renovation or even construction may prove something that it could be a portal of negative entities.

#4 Teacher’s Camp, Baguio City


The cottages and rooms of the camp have been reported to be haunted, and a lot of horror stories spread like wildfire about chilling events of poltergeist and whispering encounters of those who temporarily stay in one of the cottages. Footsteps are heard late at night, faint wailing, and unusual shadows have been experienced here.

#5 Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor


Its bloody history that stretches through the World War II is one of the factors that it’s managed to fill up the spots in the scariest places in the world. This tunnel is one of the places in the island where lots of soldiers died. Shadows, unexplained noises, and even sudden drafts and drops as well as temperature changes have been reported.

#6 Maanghot Cave, Antique



The cave got its name literary because it is smelly. Well, it if has the smell of the dead ones, then that alone would scare anyone. Add to the fact that the cave is not easy to conquer brings us an assumption that someone or a group doesn’t want more people to find this cave. Of course, malevolent things may have been done here to have that odor and notorious explorable difficulty.

Exploring the cave might be adventurous though.  The cave has lots of bats , as well as odd mineral formations that might look like a human being when you look at it. What makes this scary is the limited light source when you explore the cave.

#7 Balay Negrense, Silay City Negros Occidental



This supposed haunted house is owned by a sugar baron. With Negros being a sugarland, you can expect mansions here from sugar barons who made fortune from sugar plantations.  And what made it surprising though is that these houses are constructed with a feel that they could be potential haunted houses. Yeah, their designs are enigmatic.

This house as shown above showcases several rooms for the sugar baron’s twelve children. It has been maintained until now, serving as a tourist destination and a museum at the same time. What makes it scary is the way the rooms have been preserved, as if someone is still using them until now. There are rooms that have mirrors, and looking at these mirrors will give you a feeling that someone might appear at any time.

If you don’t believe us, why not give it a visit.

#8 Bahay na Pula, San Ildefonso, Bulacan



This house that cannot be missed due to its nearness in space to the highway. The house was named after blood or rust. It brings you to a place where only you can see. History says that women were held captive during the Japanese era and it was where they eventually died during their stay. Some guerillas are also tortured and burned here. Its bloody history has been written and shown in Filipino horror movies. Though cliche as the horror story goes, it still works on anyone who wants to experience the haunted house scare.

#9 Hospital Ruins, Corregidor



Can you imagine a worn out hospital with dead people and sick people eventually dying in the rooms?

I know that feeling is horrible. It already gives me the fright. Even by looking at the photos when you search this on Google, it already gives you the impression that it really is a haunted place.

This abandoned hospital has been the refuge of wounded soldiers, many of whom unfortunately perished. There are also added stories in recent history that the ruins have become the quarters of specially trained soldiers. There are stories of war, death and bloody aftermath. Bloods shed inside this structure attract the negative entities.

#10 The Ozone Disco, Quezon City

FM Magazine

FM Magazine

In March 18, 1996, a fire broke out in this disco in Quezon City. The fire claimed the lives of more than a hundred people including celebrities. Most of the victims were graduating students from the universities in the city. Due to the faulty club emergency exit, a lot of the partygoers were trapped and died from suffocation and burns. Right now, Ozone Disco is already a closed and abandoned establishment, but there have been numerous reports of strange mysterious activities occurring in the vicinity at night, such as faint disco lights, sounds, and silhouettes of clubbers dancing through the late hours.

#11 Clark Airbase Hospital, Angeles Pampanga


We all know that hospital is too common to be haunted since lots of people die there. However, Clark Airbase Hospital is tagged as the scariest abandoned hospital in the country. Why? If you want to give this hospital a visit, be sure to document it and be prepared for some unimaginable things.  Imagine if you visit this place at day, watching it from the facade can already give you those cold goosebumps.

Are you up for a spooky adventure? Why not experienced these life taking places and be amazed how they would let you pee in your pants?

They’re in the Philippines. It gives you the reason to travel the country, not just the beautiful places, but also the structures that can test the scare limit, even of the bravest souls.

Remember, we here in Plus Vines want to remind you that we list the scariest places in the Philippines for fun in the spirit of Halloween.

Happy Halloween  Everyone!


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