5 Reasons Why It is Better to Travel Before The Holidays

Traveling should be fun, exciting and relaxing. One can experience positive vibes just doing the sightseeing and visiting places. But there are parts in traveling which one would find stressful.

The mindset of every person is to travel during holidays. Though most people can get the chance to experience going to places that they like during their vacation leave, but somehow, it is better to plan the travel itinerary on dates that won’t give you the negativities you may not want to absorb in your system.

We all want to travel with less hassles. But traveling might not be a good idea anymore during holidays.

Traveling during holidays like Holy week, or recently during November 1 and 2 when you get to visit your home town and remember the dead loved ones can give you unexpected experiences such as long queues, flight or shipping delays and the increasing throng of people that would make your head ache. Doing the travels during holidays is unavoidable especially for people with tight work schedule. But if you do travel in these periods, be prepared for the inevitable.

There are so many reasons why we want to travel during holidays. And I have my own reasons why I don’t want to travel during the holidays.

I recently traveled to Santa Fe, Batayan last holiday during November 1 and 2. I think that experience was amazingly hellish. Lots of travelers besides me and my friends thronged in tight spaces and even tighter vehicles. Really, a hellish occurrence.

So based on my  recent travel experience, I would like share these 5 reasons why you should travel before the holidays.

#1 To travel comfortably in less packed vehicles

traveling before the holidays

The keyword here is ‘less hassle’, if none at all. We all want that during our travels so we can really feel relaxed.

But most of the time, holidays are jampacked with people who want to get on to their destinations. There can be yelling, misunderstanding, frustration and discomfort.  You don’t want to stand up in a bus while you’re traveling to your destination. Visible varicose veins can get your legs ugly.

So instead, travel a few days before the holidays. You may expect fewer or more people but at least they are manageable to handle and you can still expect comfort in riding vehicles, airplanes or boats.

#2 Fewer people at the desired destination


The fewer the people, the more relaxing the place is. You travel because you want to stay away from stress. Alright, so stop traveling during holidays. The place will be crowded! Its like vacationing in a disco bar, too much people!

I would say this is my advice for those who really want less noisy environment in a destination where you can really relax.

But if you’re in a destination where it is expected to really get crowded, then, I think it’s better to rethink going to that destination. But if you really want to experience the place, then be prepared for the onslaught of big crowd. Well, as they say, “if you can’t beat them, join them!”

#3 Rates and fares are normal during off-peak season


The possibility  in traveling during peak season is that transportation fares would go up. When these fares rise, food prices increase at the same time. The law of supply and demand would always be at play here.  It’s like spending twice of something at the same time.

It would be better to travel during off-peak season when you are in a budget.

#4 To experience various weather conditions


The best season to travel is summer. It is where it would be sunny. But when you travel this season, better choose the dates where they don’t fall during holidays. You do have an idea of what’s going to happen.

Now aside from summer, you can start with your itinerary on days where they’re bound to be a bit rainy but not too much that would make you experience canceled flights or banned sea travels because of tumultuous rain.

Why travel during rainy season is because you could expect for fewer people as they’d expect that it wouldn’t be the best time to wander around and ride vehicles. However, practice necessary precautions when you really decide to travel in this kind of season.

#5 Experience less headache, more riding comfort and more fun


The fewer you get to share in the vehicle or ship or even in the airplane, the less headache you can experience. That’s where you get more fun if you travel with your friends.

You can’t have that fear of having overloaded boat when you travel with fewer people. You can smell better air and inhale more comfortably, because we know that if there are many people, the temperature rises in the vehicles or even in the terminals and people get sweaty and starting to smell ripe. I believe nobody wants to be in a crowded place that smells like a dead rat.

Traveling before holidays is a great idea. You travel with fewer travelers. Rates and fares are normal. You could be on a beach where there are small number people around. The best part is after your vacation when you travel back home, there would be fewer people as well.

I hope my reasons would be something you’d think about the next time you want to go to places you’d want to be and to experience the sights and surroundings you aim for.

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