What to do for Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi is one of the most popular traditions among Filipinos. It is a religious thing. When Catholic churches around the Philippines start to open their doors as early as three in the morning, then you can hear the bells ringing and choir singing to the tune of Christmas hymns.

Filipinos have unique cultural traditions most especially during Christmas. Despite the cold breeze as expected before the crack of dawn, religious lay people or even the superstitious ones– who believe that their wishes would come true once they complete the nine-day very-early-morning service inside a Catholic Church– would flock to join other Catholics to attend the early mass.

Simbang Gabi is a 9-day novena to the Blessed Mother as most people believe even though it is a celebration of the birth of Christ among Catholics.

The novena begins on December 16 and ends on December 24.

The Rooster’s Mass is often called Gift Mass or Misa de Aguinaldo.

You read it right. It is called a Gift Mass.

When we were kids back then, we used to believe that once we completed our nine day novena our wish would come true. But even then, I can still imagine how hard it was to wake up  when we were kids.

So what to do to prepare oneself for Simbang Gabi and make you more attentive to really hear the mass?

Here are the things that we believe can help you to get your plan to join the nine-day novena more possible despite the need for certain amount of sacrifice.

#1 Sleep early


Well obviously, the holy mass starts at 3 or 4 am. So get some early sleep.

You don’t need to make yourself  wide awake for the whole night just to attend the rooster’s mass. Most of all, you don’t want to make yourself fall asleep during the holy mass.

#2 Dress formally


You are not going to a mall where you can dress like informally. You don’t just wear fashionable clothes because you want to make yourself attractive to your crush when you see him or her. You should dress to pay respect to Our Father. Catholic church has its own dress code and please follow the rules.

#3 Pray Faithfully

Focus on praying not focus on looking for your crush. The church is a holy ground, not a place where you and your friends meet and and look around for pretty girls or those cool handsome boys. We pray and not making gossips of how baduy these people are wearing.

#4 Eat your favorite kakanin

Give yourself a reward after you have prayed faithfully and dressed properly. You can pat yourself on the shoulder for success on not falling asleep during the holy mass because you have slept early.

We all should not forget the true meaning of Simbang gabi. The early morning mass services would always remind us about the days to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. For most Catholics, attending the early morning service can create a stronger bond with the family.



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